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    This is a Flex EA vendor account trading their Default strategy. This is on a demo account, but this strategy is based mainly on math so results should be very similar which has .

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    Conclusion. Flex EA is certainly something new and refreshing that this automated forex industry has desperately needed for years now. Another invaluable part of Flex is their very active member forums that contains a load of fantastic information and including lots of very good private .set files..

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    Since you're not logged in, we have no way of getting back to you once the issue is resolved, so please provide your username or email if necessary..

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    Head and Shoulders Pattern Explained. Sun, Mar . In this video, you will learn about the head and shoulders pattern. The psychology behind this pattern is that the market attempts to make higher highs in an uptrend, but the trend runs out of steam, forming two highs and a higher high, resembling a head and two shoulders. As you can see on the chart, the market is in an uptrend..

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