How To Trade Forex Under 18


To become a successful Forex trader, you will need a Forex broker that you can absolutely trust with your money. Personally, I recommend this award winning broker. In order to register for a live trading account in many countries you have to be years of age..You can learn and practice until you become . If you think you I don t think you can legally trade forex before you re an adult. So wait till .Hey u are not the youngest Jody Ong has been trading since . Iam now but i have been trading since i have my own thread and .

  • Can I Trade If I Am Under Yrs Old Forex Trading Forums

    Majority of online business does not always allow under to participate thus i think you can trade with your real details since you are under but you can trade using other person's details. If you are or closer to , then you can demo trade till you get to ..

  • Under Forex Factory

    Hello, just wondering, can you open an account with a broker even if you are under ? In other words, if there a age limit to trade forex I'm in Canada if that changes anything And a side question, when people say a certain broker doesn't allow scalping, what do they mean? They don't allow you to withdraw your money o. ?.

  • How Would I My Parents Open An Account To Trade Stock

    Answers. Since you are under years old like me you have to have the account in a parents name then just use all your details email, phone etc . When you turn you just get in contact with them and they will put your name as the account holder. I turn in November so the account will be in my name at that point..

  • Getting Started Trading Stock Under Yahoo Answers

    Answers. Before making any trades, read a learn about stock trading using technicalysis. Learn about support and resistance levels. When to buy to lower your risk of losses. Where to set your target gain sell levels and stop loss levels. It is easier to .

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