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  • Scalping Trading Wikipedia

    Scalping is the shortest time frame in trading and it exploits small changes in currency prices. Scalpers attempt to act like traditional market makers or specialists. To make the spread means to buy at the Bid price and sell at the Ask price, in order to gain the bid ask difference. This procedure allows for profit even when the bid and ask don't move at all, as long as there are traders who .

  • Fxcm Wikipedia

    FXCM, also known as Forex Capital Markets, is a retail foreign exchange broker based in London.FXCM allows retail clients to speculate on the foreign exchange market and provides trading in contract for difference CFDs on major indices and commodities such as gold and crude oil The company was banned from United States markets for defrauding its customers..

  • Scalping Wikipedia

    Nell'ambito del Trading online si definisce scalping l'apertura e la chiusura di posizioni su vari prodotti finanziari nella maggior parte dei casi azioni in un brevissimo arco temporale, dell'ordine di qualche minuto.Lo scalping non si deve confondere col day trading che riguarda operazioni con un orizzonte temporale giornaliero La tecnica venne inventata e sperimentata per la prima volta .

  • Pasar Valuta Asing Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia

    Pasar valuta asing bahasa Inggris foreign exchange market, forex atau disingkat valas merupakan suatu jenis perdagangan atau transaksi yang memperdagangkan mata uang suatu negara terhadap mata uang negara lainnya pasangan mata uang pair yang melibatkan pasar pasar uang utama di dunia selama jam secara berkesinambungan Pergerakan pasar valuta asing berputar mulai dari pasar .

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